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The Kansas City Chess Club Newsletter August 26th, 2011

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  August 26th, 2011
Cool Chess News

Why can't we have this in the United States? Armenia - Armenian chess players are greeted by thousands of people in Yerevan's Liberty Square celebrating their victory in the 2011 World Chess Team Championship, Link?

Looks like the new Sherlock Holmes coming out in December will have some chess! Here is a link with pictures.

New Club News
Club Sponsoring K12 Kids Nationals
The Kansas City Chess Club is sponsoring kids at the K12 National Championship in Dallas, Texas on November 18th-20th. We have already raised over $600. Please contact Laurie at for details.

Next Tuesday August 30th Bughouse Tournament
On Tuesday August 30th, we are having a Bughouse Tournament, starting at 6:30! Flyer Link.

Saturday August 27th G60 USCF Rated Tournament
The July G60 USCF Tournament is scheduled for August 27th. The start time is 1PM! Flyer Link 

Kids Saturdays August 27th USCF Rated Tournament
We are running weekly USCF tournaments for kids with a 10AM start time! The events will be a great way for kids to improve their USCF ratings. Here is a link to the online flyer.
Chess Author and International Chessmaster John Watson visits the Kansas City Chess Club October 1st and 2nd!

Recent Newsletter Items
Monroi Personal Chess Managers have arrived at the Kansas City Chess Club Store . They are $359. Here is a link to product details.
We are officially moved now. All events will be at our 7667 NW Prairie View Rd. Kansas City, MO 64151 location.

34 players participated in the July G60 and July Kids USCF tournament on July 23rd. Click here for the rating results. 

GM Akobian making a move against Conrado Salazar

Grandmaster Akobian's July 9th visit sponsored by Dave Cummings and Tradebot Systems, INC was instructive and fun. GM Akobian ran two workshops and two simuls during the day. The highlight of the afternoon simul was a draw by Ansar Lemon who drew GM Akobian using a perpetual check. How did Ansar draw GM Akobian here? Answer at the end of the newsletter.

The Kansas City Chess Club Invitational 6 player Round Robin took place July 16th-17th at the Kansas City Chess Club. Congratulations to  Abhishek Mallela and Ben Gradsky who won the event with 4 points each. The event only had 3 draws out of 15 games! Both won $60. From left to right: Frank Smith, Ansar Lemon, Abhishek Mallela, Ken Fee, Ben Gradsky, and David Melliti.
Bill Collin is running The Kansas City Chess Club Library. The library contains books, dvds, and digital files for players and parents to check out on a weekly basis. See Bill at the club for details.

The Kansas City Chess Club
and The Kansas City Chess School are now on Facebook. The Kansas City Chess Club is on Twitter. Please visit!

We are sponsoring are Kansas City Chess School kids at the K12 Nationals in Dallas November 18th-20th, 2011. More details soon as soon the the USCF posts the TLA.

Tournaments at the Kansas City Chess Club now have a cash prize option for players. Players who want to play for cash prizes will pay a cash prize entry fee. Our goal is to keep entry fees low for those who do not want to play for cash prizes while offering the cash prize option. Please check out the details on our website.

Starting September 12th, David Meliti and I will be running Monday G60 Quads. They will be separated in USCF rated quads and non-USCF rated quads. One game per week will be played with the time control of G60. Players will be grouped by USCF rating.

We now will be selling Monroi at the Kansas City Chess Club. One benefit of buying a Monroi at the club is that you will save the high shipping cost from Canada. For those of you who are new to the Monroi device, please check out their website.

Summer Special on Foxy and Roman DVDs. The regular price is $20, and we are now selling them for $15. The sale will end August 31st .

Tournament Results
Weekly Results

Wednesday Work on Your Game G30- A Record 28 Players June 15th, 2011

Blitz Bughouse Bonanza - Tuesday May 31st, 2011
Blitz Results
No. Name Rating Pts Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4
1 Fee, Kenneth 1923 4.0 W14 W7 W3 W2
2 Whitsell, Frank 1851 3.0 W10 W9 W5 L1
3 Dutiel, Tony 1844 3.0 W15 W11 L1 W10
4 Glazier, George 828 3.0 L9 W14 W17 W12
5 Lemon, Ansar 1919 3.0 W19 W16 L2 W13
6 Sanders, David 606 3.0 L11 W20 W19 W15
7 Burns, Jameel 937 2.5 W20 L1 D8 W16
8 Mahmood, Kadin a 724 2.5 L12 W18 D7 W9
9 Glazier, Samuel 748 2.0 W4 L2 W16 L8
10 Lemon, Zoe 1468 2.0 L2 W15 W13 L3
11 Cummings, Joe 745 2.0 W6 L3 L12 W17
12 Glazier, Gavin 887 2.0 W8 L13 W11 L4
13 Cummings, Dave 1360 2.0 W18 W12 L10 L5
14 Glazier, Augustus 525 2.0 L1 L4 W20 W19
15 Frame, Jason 410 1.0 L3 L10 W18 L6
16 Swayne, Frances 786 1.0 W17 L5 L9 L7
17 Seymour, Owen 509 1.0 L16 W19 L4 L11
18 Rails, Ayden 284 1.0 L13 L8 L15 W20
19 Swayne, Christopher 475 0.0 L5 L17 L6 L14
20 Donnenfelser, Vlad 100 0.0 L7 L6 L14 L18
Bughouse Results
No. Name Pts Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4
1 Tony D and Frank 4.0 W9 W2 W8 W3
2 Tony P and Ken 3.0 W6 L1 W5 W4
3 Ansar and Zoe 3.0 W10 W8 W4 L1
4 Jason and Jameel 2.0 W7 W10 L3 L2
5 Augustus and Samuel 2.0 L8 W7 L2 W6
6 Owen and Joe 2.0 L2 W9 W10 L5
7 George and Gavin 2.0 L4 L5 W9 W8
8 David and Christopher 1.0 W5 L3 L1 L7
9 Kadin and Ayden 1.0 L1 L6 L7 W10
10 Vlad and Francis 0.0 L3 L4 L6 L9


GM Sam Palatnik visits March 17th 2012 - Click here for his wonderful website!

Ansar played Bxh7+ Kh8 Bg6+ perpetual check. Notice the GM Akobian cannot take the bishop with his Knight because then Ansar wins the Queen with Qxe7!
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